Bay Medical Sacred Heart named a ‘Best Value’ hospital

Bay Medical Sacred Heart (BMSH) has been named a Florida Top 10 Best Value Hospital by a national healthcare company that provides value-based analysis to hospitals based on best practices.

Coastal Cardiovascular Surgeons practice at both Bay Medical Sacred Heart and Gulf Coast Medical Center in Panama City.

BMSH ranked number 3 on the Florida Best Value Hospital list with a high Medical Value Index (MVI) score. Verras Healthcare International, LLC, developed the MVI data tool to identify best value practices in hospitals nationwide. Verras has been providing hospital analysis for more than 25 years.

The MVI measured three years of trended outcomes using six metrics of quality and cost efficiency including:

  • National Quality Measure
  • Readmission Rates
  • Morality
  • Morbidity
  • Reduction in Variation
  • Resource Consumption

BMSH’s sister hospital, Sacred Heart Hospital in Pensacola, also made the Top 10 list of hospitals with 250 beds or more. The new rating has great implications for patients and payers. Any payer can now identify the greatest value¬† hospitals and work directly with those providers who offer the highest value.